The Dark Challenge

To photograph a deep red dahlia in monochrome against an almost black background.

Even with a careful blend of natural and artificial light this is still a challenging proposition. The obvious choice of printing method to reveal the subtle tonality of this image is the Platinum/Palladium process.

Here is Richard’s finished result.

Dahlia 1. A  Platinum/Palladium Print by Richard Freestone

Dahlia 1. A Platinum/Palladium Print.


Jack on the Beeb

After many years working in front of a computer as one of the best digital printers in the business, my good friend and colleague Jack Lowe from Newcastle has returned to the 19th Century to find his future. With an original half plate camera and a decommissioned ambulance he is producing Ambrotypes and Tintypes, both wet plate processes on location.

The BBC got to hear about him and produced this lovely little film of him at work.