A New Website

I’ve decided to create a special website richardfreestone.com to present my fine art photographic prints. Please take the time to view it. This site (richardfreestone.net) will remain as my weblog where I will continue to post about my exploits as a photographer and printmaker.

As well as making my living from printing and selling my own photographs, I also hand craft platinum prints for other photographers and now have an international clientele. However, If you would like to learn how to make Platinum Prints yourself, I offer one to one tuition. If you are interested please have a look at my printing website. 139printroom.

Here are two examples of Platinum/Palladium prints made by Roberto Aguilar during his two day course.

Bea by Roberto Aguilar

Bea by Roberto Aguilar

Jessica by Roberto Aguilar

Jessica by Roberto Aguilar

One thought on “A New Website

  1. What a great idea Richard. I bet you are a brilliant teacher.
    Wow, that Bea print is quite some image!
    Bet it looks great done with your subtle platinum technique.
    XLu jeffery

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